Thursday, March 16, 2006

Excluded due to litterature #71

One day I have met the then last living surrealist, he had been a writer, a journalist but mainly he was a poet. This is what he said to me, that he wished his poems would be remembered. His name was Philippe Soupault, he had been "excluded from the surrealist group in 1922 due to litterature".
Somewhere he wrote that
" la litterature est l'un des plus tristes chemins qui mene a tout.." (litterature is one of the gloomiest trails leading anywhere). He had found in 1917 one original sample of "Les chants de Maldoror" in an old books shop for a ridiculous price , but Lautreamont was then totally unknown.
While sipping his glass of red wine, he had told me about Proust whom he had known, the qualities of that author, his flawless taste and its crucial importance in modern litterature.
We spoke about feelings, emotions, love. He was explaining me that it is not love which destroys friendship, it is ambition.
Here is a small poem from Soupault called "Mélancolie, Mélancolie"

Mélancolie, Mélancolie
(Melancholy, melancholy)
Quel joli nom pour une jeune fille
(What a pretty name for a young girl)
Neurasthénie, Neurasthénie
(Neurasthenia, neurasthenia)
Quel vilain nom pour une vieille fille
(What a mean name for an old maid)

Je cherche un nom pour un garçon
(I am looking for a name for a boy)
Un nom d'emprunt, un nom de guerre
(A borrowed name or a nickname)
Pour la prochaine et la dernière
(For the next and last war)
Pour la dernière des dernières
(For the very last one)

Espoir ou peut être Agénior
(Hope or maybe Agenior)
Ou singulier ou Dominique
(Or singular or Dominique)
Un nom à coucher dehors
(A name to sleep outside)
Au temps des bombes atomiques.
(In the times of atomic bombs).


Blogger Miss X said...

That poem is quite beautiful--thank you for passing on his name, so that his poems might be remembered. I see that he knew Proust! Always, he creeps in. XOXO

12:45 PM  
Blogger Antonia said...

I'm jealous, you met him......

8:39 AM  

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