Friday, November 16, 2007

Fellini of Rimini #91

Rimini is the native town of Federico Fellini. This town has been a major influence in the director's work. Fellini's films are impregnated with his nostalgic souvenirs of Rimini. He even expressed it in one of his many masterpieces, "Amarcord".

Visiting Rimini, you stumble into the maestro's tracks at every street turn.

Here is the Malatesta temple, the beautiful building designed by Alberti to the glory of Sigismond Malatesta. Inside is one of the most beautiful frescoes from Piero dela Francesca.
Fellini described the temple as a cuttle-bone.

Here is the Fulgor Cinema which fascinated the young Fellini, there is now a permanent exhibit of his drawings in the windows of the theatre.

The Grand Hotel is also one of the haunted places of Fellini's, facing the sea it is a witness of what the Italians call Liberty style. Fellini died in this very hotel.

His grave is an allegory of his film "E la nave va..".

People in Rimini remember the man with the red scarf and the town has opened a museum.


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