Monday, March 26, 2007

Sadness #83

The REAL KIDS must be the symbolic band of Boston in the same way as the Ramones for NYC. Their story is not as successsful as the New Yorker musicians'; in fact it is full of dismay, disappointment and lost virtues.

Live @ CBGB's -2004- All kindsa girls, the definite teenage anthem

John Felice the charismatic frontman and guitar player of the band is nevertheless such a perfect rock icon. His look with long hair and rebel attitude, his cleverness in writing beautiful songs, all these assets are washed away once in a while by the stupid behaviour some musicians imagine could be the one of a rock star. During the last three years the Real Kids missed three times their appointment with Europe, having to cancel their tours at the last moment.

Common at noon, a nostalgic ballad about the Boston park

Why is it that talent is always falling against the hands of ruffian dealers, unresponsible tasteless thieves who sacrifice generous bands by addicting them to substances and blankening the minds of the musicians. They are erasing true rock in the same way as fanatics would burn libraries. John Felice is another casualty and I feel so sorry for him that it makes me infinitely sad.
Bad to worse


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