Friday, March 09, 2007

Waiting for the photon beam #81

Here I am in the experiment counting house waiting for a photon beam. Photons are grains of light which can be processed continuously as a beam, or a ray. From X rays to sunlight, all these are photons of different frequencies. "Waiting for the sun" was an underestimated album by the Doors, and curiously it was their most sincere yet. Funny the fascination they had for photons, "Light my fire", "Moonlight drive", and the keyboard player first name was Ray, no coincidence !
I am not interested anymore in the Doors music nowadays, lyrics are too embarrassing to listen too, especially when I am waiting for the physics sun.
In the South, where I am staying presently I have discovered the music of Peg Leg Sam a bluesman who died in the seventies , who played the harmonica and had a wooden leg due to an incident he had with a train. His music reflects his missing leg in an admirable way, it transcends his voice. I will post a clip soon..


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