Monday, March 05, 2007

Jefferson Avenue #80

"Orange skies" was an Arthur Lee song for Love ... today at dawn I understood some of what Arthur meant. This is just the America I like, the one which is always like out of the textbook: the campers shop yard, the traffic lights and the highway, Jefferson Avenue in Newport-News Virginia..
On the radio it is not Love which is played but Gene Vincent singing "Bird doggin'". Which makes me think of the Byrds, it is so obviopus. When I am looking at this photo, the music which seems consistent with it would be a Byrds song, "Lady friend" maybe and its beautiful harmonies which would be the perfect counterpart to "Orange skies".
Those clouds are like the lace of the sky, silky touch, inducing dreams and joy.
dreams same red as ....the style it takes
style is all, it is terminal.


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