Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Le Chateau de Groussay #74

Back after some months of peregrinations, and some delusion losses too. I am keen on English gardens and will comment on some of their French counterparts...

This place, Groussay, is to me a French equivalent to England's Stourhead, the most beautiful gardens of northern Europe. Le chateau de Groussay and its gardens have been exquisitely restored and are full of surprises.
"Folies" are everywhere in the gardens... here are some of them..

The Pyramid , interesting entrance with a square and round stone system "a la Ledoux". The huge fountain shell below has been inspired by the neoclassicist school.

The Tatar tent and the obelisk, directly from the utopian dreams of the XVIII century. Inside, the tent is covered with ceramics from Deft, signaling that Marcel Proust could have loved that place.

Personally, I love the Venitian bridge, its Palladio like design and its right proportions, nearby is some column in a circle of trees, like the reminds of some frogotten celtic cult.

there are Le temple de l'Amour and the Observatory..

there is even a small and cosy private theatre, inside the castle

and coincidence or not, litterature blew back when I picked up the golden scarab right like in Edgar A. Poe's story.

The treasure was there...
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