Monday, February 28, 2005

POtential LItterature UNlock / POLIUN..#53

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense qu’une des raisons pour lesquelles je n’ai jamais sauté d’un pont à l’élastique, c’est que j’ai peur de pisser de trouille, et d’être à l’envers à ce moment-là.

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense que je suis incapable de résister à une femme à qui je plais, et je m'en moque d'être un type facile.

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense que « se réveiller la nuit et habituer ses yeux à la pénombre » pourrait être une définition de la vie.

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense qu'un mensonge se trahit souvent au fait qu'on le raconte chaque fois avec les mêmes mots.

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense qu'en roulant sur l'autoroute, on aperçoit de très jolis châteaux, où l'on aimerait bien habiter. Et puis on se rappelle qu'ils sont près de l'autoroute.

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense que puisque désormais une personne sur deux que je croise est plus jeune que moi, c'est que je dois être parvenu à la moitié de ma vie.

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense que lorsque j'attends une femme que je désire, je suis attentif au moindre bruit dans le couloir, j'entends mon coeur battre stupidement.

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense que ces gens qui décortiquent leurs crevettes et les entassent sur un coin d'assiette pour se décider à les manger quand tout le monde a fini les siennes méritent qu'on leur en vole

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense que pour être certain d'être lu et relu, je devrais écrire mes romans sur les paquets de corn-flakes.

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense qu'avec un peu d'imagination, on a du mal à rester fidèle, mais qu'avec énormément d'imagination, ce doit être possible.

À quoi tu penses ?

Je pense que je n'ai pas beaucoup d'imagination.

RV Le Tellier , Extraits de "Les Amnésiques n'ont rien vécu d'inoubliable".

Monday, February 21, 2005

Kar shrine...#52

I am feeling like Voltaire's Candide while living in the USA. I am seeing so much things unusual to me and what appears perfectly normal to the average local citizen is often a source of questions and thinking for me.. I discussed about it on the phone with my delicate friend Ms Xquisite, it generated lots of laughs between us and relaunched my positive way of looking at this nice country. I envy those landscapes empty of human beings and the wilderness of the woods when everything is more densified and organised in some way in Europe. The laissez-faire and the efficiency are other assets from this land.
I am still bewildered by what cars, pick-up trucks and so on can represent in the US. I got to the conclusion it was some kind of religious thing with its rites and sacrifices , a true freudian parody of ancient times paganism. Look at this ..

Isn't it the representation of the modern Moloch, terribly cruel in its yellow dress and crushing the other idols of the modern world ? The Carthagenian god is like looking at us ready to absorb its next prey.

But some Karheretics are existing who consider the modern cult to be an heresy. They know the old Salem way, witchcraft has to be eradicated by Fire..

Funny, this photograph has me humming the definitive song "BURN BABY BURN !", a burned Hummer , nice sight to end a day.. burn baby burn, burn baby burn

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Rideau d'argent.. pour elle ..#51

Ce soir rideau d'argent ..
dont le ton vire au radeau d'argent
tonight silver raft
silver radeau /silverado
t'was a Clint Eastwood movie wasn't it ?
du bois de l'est au radeau d'argent
ce n'est pas la meme deconfiture
je prefere la couleur des turcs de l'Oise
pour elle...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

A rock'n roll band for the highway ..#50

Today while visiting the "American Oldies record store" on Warwick Boulevard I found an old issue of "Fusion" , the Boston rock mag in which Jonathan Richman used to write reviews about the Velvet Underground and the Stooges latest releases during the seventies.

And there it is, the old ad for the Modern Lovers. Jonathan is standing straight, in that famous attitude which would twenty years later have him laugh at himself in in his own re-work of Muddy Waters' "Mannish boy" known as "I am a jerk". The spiky heart logo of the band is below him. Ernie and Jerry are on each side, they might have played out of tune but they certainly know how to look serious. This picture tells a lot and makes it obvious to me that this band was awesome, my buddy Felice is missing though.
I found some interesting items in that shop from the Clash in 78 and the cd re-issue from Hatfield and the North 's "the Rotter's club" which is the main obsession of the hero of Jonathan Coe's eponymous novel ..

which reminds me that twenty years ago I had written something , never published, which was called "Jonathan, can you hear me ?", that was about the 13, about our lifes in Paris then, and about Jonathan obviously already an influence.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The lab... #49

This lab I am working in is reasonably Hi tech. There you can see the main building where scientists have their offices.

It is a very stimulating place to work with lots of nations represented. I must be the only one listening to Jonathan Richman recordings on my cd player in my room at the residence facility, pictured below.

Physicists are usually a bit narrow minded and I am having fun confusing them. The town nearby is big enough for me, I have never found its downtown, I only see squared areas linked by huge roads and streets and rythming the commercial centers net. Infinite alignement of car dealers and matress sellers. This is USA as viewed by an European I guess but I am learning about the subtle art of cruisin' with the radio on !

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Across the pond...#48

Long time gone from my computer and now I am back in the USA .. I reached Dulles airport on Monday, drove all the way down South Virginia on route 295. Names of places are familiar as there are ringing the bells of the Civil War, Manassas, Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Petersburg, Richmond former capital of the South plagued for ever by Jefferson Davis.. I am cruisin in a red Impala and the FM is unfortunately not playing "Roadrunner", only Lynird Skinird "sweet home Alabama", the South indeed.
The weather is beautiful, and the colours of the trees though not vivid keep a bit of their Fall magic. In the end of the afternoon, I reach my destination. I get the key of my room at the residence facility.
I have a coffee and get out for dinner, I have fish of the day grilled , we are close to the sea in the Peninsula. People have not changed much after one year and still the same president. In the plane bringing me from Europe, I noticed a tiny girl in her twenties carrying lots of bags and various pieces of luggages. After landing in Dulles , she got all her stuff out of the closets and something fell out of one of her bag, a soldier helmet covered with the camouflage one uses in desert... greetings from Bagdad I guessed.
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