Thursday, November 25, 2004

Haloes.. #37

Another painting from L.W. Hawkins... Haloes around those delicate feminine golden angels, for whatever reason I cannot read haloes without thinking of aloes.
This is the kind of painting I can look at for hours, try to dive in and dream to be part of does a skin of gold feel like, then is the airy hair. The book is obviously some key of the work, I imagine it to be the reflection of the painting itself, some sophisticated evocation of a situation mixing beauty and eroticism. And those fingers on the right nymph shoulder are really erotic.
For all these reasons, Hawkins has definitely a surrealist touch.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dolce Aqua...#36

Dolce Aqua is a little village in Liguria, Italy where I was wandering last week ..
The bridge loks like Moktar's , it is a marvel of architecture design. There I got lost in the semi concentric streets ...

The entire village looks like a maze and often I had the strong feeling I was living a Borges story for real...

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Wait and see ..#35

Strange how things work out.. I thought I understood the USA.. Now considering their choice I wonder..
I don't think I ever realized that the majority of US citizens had orthogonal minds to mine.. Désillusions en masse et repli stratégique sur la zikmu.
Back to music, tryin to find hope in listening again to Willie Alexander's "Kerouac", yes the original one on Garage records. Willie wrote me last year and I am able now to share his spleeny mood.
I read there is a play about Artaud starting in NYC or is it somewhere else.. a good sign to revitalize my natural optimism..
"why do I cry" (the Remains) is definitely some anthem for Boston.

Monday, November 01, 2004

John Peel ...#34

John Peel had perfect taste, he never was wrong in his musical choices.
First time I heard him, he was still working for the pirate radios , radio Caroline, radio London..
I remember that his show was introduced by the opening of "Interstellar overdrive" ..and when mentionning his wife he was calling her "the pig".
I remember Peel saying that his favourite record of all times was the Misunderstood's "children of the sun", this was in 1972..
End of the 70's, the favourite record had become the Undertones "Teenage kicks" and Peel would stick to this definitive choice.
I remember how Peel was introducing Toyah as being "dramatically attractive", I caught the idea and used the sentence myself.
I remember Peel discussing with the Mael bros from Sparks , they sounded witty.
I remember when John played Flamin Groovies songs on his BBC show.
Those live sessions are still true treasures, the Only Ones session is better than any record they released, ditto for Elastica...
John Peel was like a musical mentor to me... he made me listen to the Fall, and to the Pink Fairies..
I never found anything interesting in Oasis music, neither did Peel..
He had an encyclopedic erudition as far as musical knowledge goes, he was funny and had an unmistakable voice, he liked soccer and beer, a true british lad... he liked to spend holidays in France
I will miss him a lot !

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