Monday, March 26, 2007

Sadness #83

The REAL KIDS must be the symbolic band of Boston in the same way as the Ramones for NYC. Their story is not as successsful as the New Yorker musicians'; in fact it is full of dismay, disappointment and lost virtues.

Live @ CBGB's -2004- All kindsa girls, the definite teenage anthem

John Felice the charismatic frontman and guitar player of the band is nevertheless such a perfect rock icon. His look with long hair and rebel attitude, his cleverness in writing beautiful songs, all these assets are washed away once in a while by the stupid behaviour some musicians imagine could be the one of a rock star. During the last three years the Real Kids missed three times their appointment with Europe, having to cancel their tours at the last moment.

Common at noon, a nostalgic ballad about the Boston park

Why is it that talent is always falling against the hands of ruffian dealers, unresponsible tasteless thieves who sacrifice generous bands by addicting them to substances and blankening the minds of the musicians. They are erasing true rock in the same way as fanatics would burn libraries. John Felice is another casualty and I feel so sorry for him that it makes me infinitely sad.
Bad to worse

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Along the Brenta...#82

Between Venice and Padova is a canal, the Brenta, along which wealthy Venitians used to have beautiful mansions or manors.

They were leaving Venezia during Summer to avoid the mephitic fragrances rising from the filthy canals, they were spending the warm season in those houses which were called "villegiatura".

The trilogy of "La villegiatura" are among the most beautiful theatre plays ever written. It is totally modern though created during the XVIII century by Carlo Goldoni. Nowhere else can one find the true sense of the villegiatura. The laziness, the vacuity, and also jealousy, lust and gambling, the human comedy in its most harsh description.

I love those houses, many of them built by the genius architect Palladio. I had read books about these works but I had to be standing in front of these buildings, visit them to understand that they were a true philosophical eigenstate.

A central cube on top of which is set a circular dome and four smaller cubic structures on each side of the main one. The entrance is typically inspired by classic Greek architecture. Palladio's genius manifests itself in the perfect proportions used, a true revisitation of the purest classic art. The square ground design is the usual symbol of the earth while the circular dome symbolises the elevation of the mind towards spirituality, the building itself being the medium.

A machine to think..

The most famous Palladian villa is the Rotonda where Joe Losey shot his beautiful "Don Giovanni", it is a masterwork. When you are there, life seems beautiful and nothing really matters, you get lost in another dimension. this is how beauty affects us. Look at this picture and dream with me...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Waiting for the photon beam #81

Here I am in the experiment counting house waiting for a photon beam. Photons are grains of light which can be processed continuously as a beam, or a ray. From X rays to sunlight, all these are photons of different frequencies. "Waiting for the sun" was an underestimated album by the Doors, and curiously it was their most sincere yet. Funny the fascination they had for photons, "Light my fire", "Moonlight drive", and the keyboard player first name was Ray, no coincidence !
I am not interested anymore in the Doors music nowadays, lyrics are too embarrassing to listen too, especially when I am waiting for the physics sun.
In the South, where I am staying presently I have discovered the music of Peg Leg Sam a bluesman who died in the seventies , who played the harmonica and had a wooden leg due to an incident he had with a train. His music reflects his missing leg in an admirable way, it transcends his voice. I will post a clip soon..

Monday, March 05, 2007

Jefferson Avenue #80

"Orange skies" was an Arthur Lee song for Love ... today at dawn I understood some of what Arthur meant. This is just the America I like, the one which is always like out of the textbook: the campers shop yard, the traffic lights and the highway, Jefferson Avenue in Newport-News Virginia..
On the radio it is not Love which is played but Gene Vincent singing "Bird doggin'". Which makes me think of the Byrds, it is so obviopus. When I am looking at this photo, the music which seems consistent with it would be a Byrds song, "Lady friend" maybe and its beautiful harmonies which would be the perfect counterpart to "Orange skies".
Those clouds are like the lace of the sky, silky touch, inducing dreams and joy.
dreams same red as ....the style it takes
style is all, it is terminal.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eclipse #79

My writing on this BLog went through an eclipse for a while.

The word eclipse says more than one would dream of ... a clip in se .. lips kissed by ec and e

Tonight was a total moon eclipse, the first one I could actually admire in its full cycle, it was magic, the light was gone and reemerged later with a rose and turquoise blue reflection,

as I am writing this, "she cracked" by the mighty Modern Lovers is played on the radio, Boston radio of course.. objective hazard definitely.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Virginia clouds #78

The clouds over the glassed roof are showing the way..

From nowhere to eternity, I wonder
Is there a way, black lines and shady white cotton
some feeling of dangerousness
Who links to me?