Monday, April 10, 2006

In search of the real Venezia #73

The Serenissima, an aristocratic republic... this is where everything starts and fails.. what is it that oozes so cruelly from those water canals ? .. I realized while being there that Venezia is the real centre of Europe. It is the spot where resurection comes from culture.
Proust was aware of this to an extreme level, there he understood about his interior quest as well as bout the meaning of our world.

San Marco piazza is mainly beautiful at night when the tourists are less numerous, when the pigeons have deserted the place and it becomes the kingdom of flickering lights.

Some lightnings are reminding the wanderer that Ruskin and Turner understood a few things here and the moving waters are always dancing, everyone does here.

Those perky breasts are dancing in the wind, the girl points them in a demanding catleya way.
In Proust's writings, the Serenissima is the main character. "Childhood is the genuine time, passions are the mandatory experience of past time and Venice is the recovered time".

The boats are dancing nearby the jetty, morning is coming on the campaniles, erected mausolees of the power of the doges, they redistribute the power of the past centuries, whispering the name of Byron who elected the city as his definitive spiritual mistress.

as some revelation of the life who was and who will be, a world inside a world.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Venezia #72

This is where all things start and will eventually save us in those
violent times...
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