Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Villa Barbarigo Gardens #88

England is famous for its landscape gardens, France has classical gardens and Italy developped philosophical gardens. Symbolic meaning and thinking are some of the keys to the Barbarigo gardens set in Venetia between Padova and Venezia.

Along the river, the boats used to reach the place there..

Behind the large arch, the gardens are spread up to the villa. The visitor cannot help thinking about life while drifting along the alleys and the fountains which are declining the different ages of human beings.

The maze is there to remind how entangled and intricated human life ways can be.

The statue of Times which holds on its taking off symbolizes transcendency as well as human elevation to ecstatic revelation. The statue is looking over the main path to Rabbit Island..

Obviously, Times can see with all these rabbits on the island that he is defeated there by the never ending continuity of generations

And I did not even write that the Barbarigo Gardens are a beauty and that one can stay thinking and dreaming there for hours ... because Times really stops to keep going in an enchanted place like this one.

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