Monday, June 04, 2007

Art_3 : Surrealism is about dreams #87

This painting by Chamar caught my eye at an auction sale one year ago. Its title "Reve surrealiste" sounded redundant. I was fascinated by the weird balance of the egg caught between rocks, the impossibility of going there in the first place as the two rocks are narrower above. The blue sky had a Magritte taste.. I was lucky as most people bidding were not interested at all in this work, they had in mind more abstract paintings and I had no difficulty to get this one. It is endlessly taht I can look at it, the egg reminds me of a similar curious egg which hangs in some Piero della Francesca painting.

Lucca in Tuscany #86

A beautiful town full of surprises as this tower where oak trees grow..

Towers used to be this way, and the shade on the top is some enjoyable pleasure after a long climbing up the stairs.

Those towers are everywhere over Tuscany .. they were some evidence of wealth .

Or this place built on the remains of a roman amphitheatre. The structure of the old building is still visible.

I will tell more about towers and pits soon and gardens as there are gardens as beautiful as English ones though totally different. Here philosophy is at work when English gardeners wished to create the ultimate landscape.

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