Monday, March 28, 2005


I could not miss this one.. too tempting , stupid and funny ..

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Surrealistic Dog ..#56

Dali & Bunuel
Chien Andalou ..
The ever shocking picture of the eye
being sliced in two with a razor..
Why associate a dog to this scene..
Why some dog from Andalucia ?

Just Surrealism magic..
I remember "Mission of Burma" ending their song "Max Ernst", singing "dada - dada - dada.." endlessly.. Where does the dog come back , in a surrealistic way obviously, like in the Pixies "Debaser" .. those rambling bass lines which lead to the shrieking notes and yells of Black Francis , "Chien Andalou" Indeed ..
SKYDOG was Duane Allman's nickname..

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Encounters ...#55

Encounters I made which you most likely haven't had a chance to make ..

Anais Nin, who got angry and turned her back to me after I had asked her a "wrong" question at a party dedicated to her...

Philippe Soupault, founding member of the Surrealist group, who was pleased that I had read his poetry..

I argued strongly with a couple of young trendy French actors in front of a full audience in a theatre.

Met Isabelle Adjani on the Champs Elysees when she was still totally unknown ..

Chrissie Hynde, same in rue des Lombards ..

Some Nobel graduates before they got famous ..

Jean-Pierre Leaud as he used to live in the same area as me ..

Francoise Hardy who I met often at the baker's...

Liza O. singer and guitar player extraordinaire (flying V) of the sadly missed Zuba band

e* the talented singer of Void stares back

Ms Xquisite with whom I drank Champagne near place de la Bastille sometimes in 2000

Willie ...#54

During the 80's, my favourite record shop in Paris was obviously New Rose, named after the first Damned single. This place was dedicated to good music and directed by talented guys who soon started an indie label of the same name.

I had been listening to Willie Loco Alexander since I had heard his first single "Kerouac / Mass Ave" on his own label. This must be what one calls a classic single, Garage records #5005 . "Kerouac" is a song which impressed a lot of people who were, like me, in their twenties during the 80's. Something like " satori in Paris".

It was perfectly matched with "Mass Ave", an hymn to the existence and to some particular places in Boston, the Real Kids had celebrated the Commons park, Willie was delivering his memories on the Cantab, Mass Ave.

After two Lp' s for MCA, Willie signed with New Rose records and through them released beautiful albums which are still turning on my hi fi set. The 82 tour in particular, recorded live was issued as the magic double LP "Autre chose". It has just been released as a CD.

willie "loco"

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