Friday, July 08, 2005


Nearby Parma, is a thermal town called Salsomaggiore which is famous for this eccentric kind of building totally designed according to the Arts and Craft style or what the Italians call Liberty style

This building is still used nowadays by curists and I crept inside using this elevator.

The upper ceiling is a beautiful glasswork as can be seen here

The walls are covered with 1930's frescoes, in the angle the girls in swimsuits were actually competing for the Miss Italia nel mondo title, I was moving in the middle of these nymphs and of the television cameras.

I found those chairs perfect in their simplicity , note also the modified Greek frise on the floor.

While the doors fitted perfectly to the crazy building.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Emilia , North of Italy #60

I spent two beautiful weeks in North Italy, here are some views from my diary..

First Parma, town of Verdi, there is always one of his opus played at the local opera house,

this is Parma's main piazza, the statue of Garibaldi is watching the pretty girls who are still wearing boots under this hot weather, but it is only to enhance the beauty of their long legs ...

some Art nouveau piece I found over a dooor

In Ferrare that day , Beck was playing under the blue sky, it was awesome.

The castle nearby Stellata is obviously shaped like a star, a poetic place, reminding me of Glastonbury Tor, a weird kind of place full of hidden magic

The Blue Note dancing has closed its doors many decades ago but it just looks perfect in its loneliness...

to be continued ....

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